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Weber® Charcoal Range

Weber® Charcoal barbecuing is a well-known phrase when it comes to using a Weber Kettle BBQ for outdoor cooking.

Using the heat and smoke from charcoal, you can easily create that famous aroma and taste. Simply place charcoal beads in the grill pit of the barbeque, all you need to do is wait for them to reach your desired temperature. Higher temperatures require more charcoal, which you can add during the cooking process.

Which Weber® Charcoal bbq is for you?

The first Weber kettle was built over 50 years ago and it changed Australian landscape. With Weber’s indirect cooking system, you can easily create that distinctive, delicious bbq flavour we have all grown to love. It is that incredible flavour which distinguishes the Weber kettle from all the other barbecues. As a result, the Weber charcoal bbq is the name we’ve grown to love when it comes to barbecuing.
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